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Thursday July 1st 2021

12.00-12.30Welcome: Christina Kanaka- Gantenbein, Greece, Vana Spoulou, Greece and Johannes Liese, Germany
12.30-14.30Workshop 1: What is the burden of Varicella disease in Countries without or before universal varicella vaccination (UVV)
Chairs: Sophie Alain, France , Vana Spoulou, Greece
Sophie Alain
, France
Marion Roderick
, UK
Oana – Falup Pecurariu
, Romania
Vytautas Usonis
, Lithuania
Alies van Lier
, The Netherlands
Adamos Hadjipanayis, Cyprus
TBA, China
, India
15’ Discussion
15.00-17:30Workshop 2: What is the burden of Varicella disease in countries after introduction of UVV
Chairs: Johannes Liese, Germany, Mona Marin, USA
Mona Marin, USA
Anette Siedler, Germany
Timo Vesikari, Finland
Vana Papaevangelou, Greece
Giovanni Gabutti, Italy
Manuel Garcia Cenoz, Spain
Guillermo Barrenechea, Argentina
TBA, Japan
Cheng-Hsun Chiu, Taipei
20’ Discussion: Overview of the global experience with UVV
17:30-18:00Lecture 1
Chair: George Chrousos, Greece, Maria Tsolia, Greece
The global varicella burden from the past to the future
Ann Gershon



Friday July 2nd 2021

11.00 -12.15Workshop 3: VZV virology: How advances in molecular biology helps our understanding on the pathogenesis of VZV
Chairs: George Sourvinos, Greece, Judith Breuer, UK
Advances in the Pathogenesis of VZV
Abel Viejo Borbolla
, Germany
Molecular epidemiology of VZV and vOKA strains (The Origin and Migration of Varicella Zoster Virus Strains)
Judith Breuer
, UK
VZV- associated disease beyond Varicella and HZ
Michael Gershon
15’ Discussion
12.30-13.15Lectures: Safety of Varicella vaccines
Safety of Varicella OKA/MSD vaccine. 22 years of experience
Safety of GSK-Oka vaccines: evidence and risk-management
G. Casabona, Belgium
13.15- 14:00Workshop 4: VZV vaccines in patients with immunocompromised and other chronic conditions
Chairs: Susanna Esposito Italy, Timo Vesikari, Finland
Burden and complications of varicella in patients with immunocompromised and chronic conditions
Johannes Liese, Germany
VZV vaccines safety and efficacy in patients with immunocompromised and chronic conditions, including pregnancy.
Susanna Esposito
, Italy
15’ Discussion
14.30-15.30Workshop 5: What are the most important barriers associated with vaccination coverage of varicella vaccine?
Chairs: Paolo Bonanni, Italy, Maria Theodoridou, Greece
Role of Scientific Societies and of Recommending Authorities
Paolo Bonanni, Italy
Role of physicians
Manolis Galanakis
, Greece
20’ Discussion
15: 30-16.30Workshop 6: Viral vs host interactions in VZV infection
Chairs: Ann Gershon, USA, Vana Spoulou, Greece
Stem cell-derived human neurons to study VZV latency and reactivation
Abel Viejo Borbolla, Germany
Immune responses to VZV and vOKA strain and correlates of protection
Vana Spoulou, Greece
15’ Discussion
16:45-18:00Workshop 7: Can we predict the effects of UVV on Varicella and HZ?
Chair: Paolo Bonanni, Italy,
Effect of Routine Varicella Vaccination on Herpes Zoster Incidence
Raphael Harpaz, USA
Endogenous and exogenous boosting: Modeling vs. real world
Vana Papaevengelou
, Greece
Validity of mathematic models used for decision to introduce UVV
, Germany
15’ Discussion
Chair: Michael Oxman, USA
From varicella to Zoster Vaccines
Timo Vesikari, Finland



Saturday July 3rd 2021

10.00-10.45HZ vaccines (GSK, Merck)
The recombinant zoster vaccine: a review of key clinical data
Nicolas Lecrenier, TBA
15’ Discussion
10.45-12.00Workshop 8: What is the burden of herpes zoster (HZ) in adults and how it can be reduced by currently available HZ vaccines?
Chair: P. Wutzler, Germany
The burden of the harper zoster in adults
Efficacy and safety of licensed HZ vaccines: in special patient groups

Oxman MN,
Recommendations and implementation and acceptance of vaccination against HZ in Germany
Anette Siedler,
15’ Discussion
12.15-13.00Workshop 9: How far can the burden of varicella and HZ be reduced
Chair: Carlo Giaquinto, Italy
Cost effectiveness of UVV and Herpes Zoster vaccination programs
Alies van Lier
, The Netherlands
Modelling the impact of combined vaccination programs against VZ and HZ
Valentina Marziano
, Italy
13:00-13:45Panel Discussion
Implementing UVV and HZ: Barriers to overcome and the way to move forward
Vana Spoulou, Johannes Liese, Ann Gershon, Carlo Giaquinto
Symposium Closing